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The Heimermann Chorale, a newly formed professional adult chorus co-founded by composer Charles Heimermann and executive director, Don Wise, which features 40 members that have been hand selected for their superior vocal abilities. Some of its members are professional singers in their own right, chosen from Nashville's incredible talent pool of solo artists, session vocalists, worship leaders, and university voice teachers.

The Heimermann Children's Choir was formed in September of 2014 and includes vocally talented youth between the ages of eight and sixteen. The orchestra musicians for this program are among the finest Nashville and middle Tennessee has to offer.

Heimermann and Wise are not new to the music scene. In 1991, Wise produced a children's album project for Jodi Benson, the voice of "The Little Mermaid," and commissioned Heimermann to write a piece for the album. Though incredibly beautiful, the piece turned out to be too difficult for a children's album, so Wise encouraged him to continue developing it for a future purpose. And develop it he did. The piece was expanded and became known as The MASS of the ANGELS, a 45 minute classical piece for a full 86 piece orchestra, SATB adult choir, SSAA Boychoir as well as 3 adult soloists and 1 child soloist. The piece has been performed in Russia, Poland, and in Rome, for Pope John Paul II’s 80th birthday celebration in 2000.

About Us
Don Wise and Charles Heimermann
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